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Innovator Founder Visa Process

The Innovator Founder Visa business plan covers the needs of owners wishing to obtain a visa to start their innovative business, we here at Business Planner UK Ltd (BPUK) have considerable visa business plan experience and can ensure you achieve your goals.

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Client branding & colours

Owner Profile

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Market Analysis

SWOT Analysis

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Sales Analysis


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Profit & Loss


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Detailed Financials

Cost Analysis





Product Offering

The Innovator Founder visa  Plan also includes the project plan, innovation explanations and product offering analysis required by the innovation founder visa endorsing bodies.

Innovation Explanation

Approximate total costs


Here are the total approx Innovator Founder Visa costs - for your information

> Business Plan cost as agreed with BPUK

> UK Visa cost from per person upfront cost £1,036

> Endorsement body application fees - £1,000 per year

> Capital Required to start business - calculated from business plans*

* For any new business there will be a need for a capital investment to get it started, if this figure looks too low and the endorser believes that it will not be sufficient to start the business then the endorsement will not be given. BPUK will work with you to find the optimum amount here

We try to keep the process as simple as possible, so as maximise your time on focusing on starting your business!

Stage 1 - Initial Phone / Video Conference discussion

An informal meeting to understand where you are on the pathway to setting up your business, we can give you advice and if you are ready, and we believe we can help you, we move to stage two.

Stage 2 - Detailed Analysis

Here we analyse the detail of your business, exactly what you are selling, what sets you apart from your competitors, how much capital you require.

To help with the structure will we provide you with a questionnaire to assist you, together with some worked examples to give you a feel for what's needed.

Stage 3 - Completing The plan

Once we have your questionnaire back we can start compiling this information with the results of the Financial Model, we may need to discuss details with yourself to ensure the model fits in with your plans and aspirations. This stage usually takes around 20 working days.

Stage 4 - The review

The draft plan and financial models are sent back to you and a call is set up to finalise the plan and to ensure that it fully meets you needs.

Stage 5 - The final handover

The finalised plan and financial models are sent back to you, then you take the finsih plans and apply directly to your chosen endorser.

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