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Business Funding

Does your business need funding to start, expand or to ensure adequate cashflow. A plan from BusinessPlannerUK can ensure your get funding - options available are:-


Angel investments

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

Bank Funding

Equity investment

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Are you looking to obtain funding for a startup business in the UK? - please see some of the options below

Funding Options 

  • Borrow up to £15M+

  • Business Plan required

  • Secured or Un-secured Loans


BusinessPlannerUK is an introducer for Funding Options so we can help secure your funding.

If you have received government benefits and now wish to start your own business then a BusinessPlannerUK plan will allow you to secure this grant.                    

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme 

Provides large tax breaks to investors to ensure supply of investment into UK startup companies

  • Borrow up to £150k

  • Business Plan required to prove you are in scheme

  • Must be a qualifying trade

BusinessPlannerUK plan will allow you to register your company under the SEIS scheme, then BusinessPlannerUK will help you find an investor to invest up to £150k in your business to get you started

Fill in the details above and we will send you an business plan example, plus details on how to get your plan started. The process involves a simple business plan template, then we write a comprehensive professional plan / pitch deck.

All the calculations are handled by us - you only provide basic details of your products and processes and we then model these to provide robust financial forecasts and projections, all produced by a qualified accountant - this service is unique amongst business plan writers

Payments are matched to results - a 50% upfront payment begins the process with the remainder only falling due once you are happy with the results - proving our commitment to work with you every step of the way.

Business plan example

Client branding and colour scheme

Owner Profile

Sales Analysis

all slide transp2.png

SWOT Analysis

Market Analysis

all slide transp2.png
all slide transp2.png


all slide transp2.png

Profit & Loss


all slide transp2.png

Cost Analysis

Detailed Financials

The startup plan also includes full month by month accounts showing five years at forecasted plus higher and lower sales levels.

bound copy2.png

Printed colour copies are also available at £10 per copy

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