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Business Planner UK

The Professionally Qualified Financial Planning service that goes beyond simple presentations.

We listen to you to understand your business, then in partnership help to build a compelling proposition which will explain the benefits and opportunities your business has, both to you and your potential investors.

As a business startup you have enough to worry about rather than trying to understand accounting, forecasting and financial plans, a qualified accountant will handle all the plan production allowing you to focus on your business.

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Our goal is to remove all the technical jargon and produce for you a business model which covers the next five years, showing all your in-goings and out-goings in a simple format which allows you to freedom to concentrate on promoting and running your business.

The model handles all the details of forecasting, taxes, creditors, debtors, assets, liabilities and presents them all in a business plan which ensure you obtain the finance needed to start your business.

We can help you get funding from many sources, and we also supply plans that will cover all requirements from the following organisations:-


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