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Innovator Founder Visa Plan

In order to get Innovator Founder Visa you will need a professional Business Plan / Pitch Deck.

We can write that for you, so you can submit it to the endorsing bodies to get it approved. The hardest part for many owners are the financials, therefore Business Planner UK focuses on providing a robust commercial plan.

A qualified accountant will write your plan and stress test the financials.

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If you are an entrepreneur then an Innovator Founder Visa will be the ideal route to market - at Business Planner UK we create plans that will satisfy all the Government's requirements 


The UK Government has stopped the Start-up and Innovator visa schemes however it is still possible to apply for a visa via the Innovator Founder Visa scheme, our business plans will allow you to demonstrate the potential of your start-up in accordance with Government guidance.

There is no fixed initial capital requirements and you will be allowed to reside in the UK for 3 years.

Your plan will need to be endorsed by one of the Innovator Founder endorsing bodies, they will check the financial viability of your business and ensure it meets the government's innovation criteria.

Non UK Visas


Estonia has a reputation for innovation and is a great location for a innovative startup company wanting to develop in the European Union.

The Estonian Startup Committee - will evaluate your proposal and the key element is the pitch deck, the startup plan from BusinessPlannerUK will satisfy this requirement fully.

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Canada is actively promoting innovation, and is encouraging overseas entrepreneurs to apply for a startup business visa.

The process requires acceptance by either venture capitalists, angel investors or business incubators and each of these bodies will need to see a comprehensive business pan pack - the startup plan from Business Planner UK will fully cover this requirement

Business Planner UK will assist you throughout the Innovator or Start-up Visa process and ensure your ideas are presented in the best possible format to achieve success.

The process includes 1 hours free consultation to help get your plan started.

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