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Business Planner UK

Business Planner UK, is headed up by Mike Howells ACMA. (Associate of the Institute of Chartered Management Accountants), it is based in the United Kingdom and provides services to clients all over the country.

The goal of Business Planner UK is to simplify the financial reporting burdens for smaller companies, using the skills acquired in large organisations and applying those to start-ups and smaller businesses.

Mike has been working within businesses for over 30 years, specialising in investment decisions and business modelling from small scale ventures to multi-million pound business deals.

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The winner of the highest combined mark in the Finance and Leasing Diploma exams, Mike has worked for the organisations listed below:-

Heading the Profitability Unit at Santander's retail finance arm, Mike wrote the pricing model used to price and calculate returns on sales turnover of over £800M p.a. Also Mike was the finance contact for the largest customers ensuring the best possible financial returns for both parties.

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Managing the pricing department at Adecco UK, Mike wrote the pricing template used by the 400 local branches to price their workforce of temporary staff plus permanent staff placements. Mike was responsible for providing business cases to the board for all new large clients.

As the commercial analyst at CAMRA, Mike anlaysed the profitability of all income streams and working with the operational directors helped to increase their performance. Mike also designed the management accounting, budgeting  and strategic planning systems

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