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Spreadsheet Services

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Spreadsheet creation and training

As an advanced Excel user with over 20 years of spreadsheet design experience, we can help, design and create spreadsheets for yourself and supply the training and support on an on-going basis​. This ranges from help with formulae to design of processes to let you work more efficiently, billed by the hour and no job too small!


This can save you time and money, we build the spreadsheets to assist your business, it can be reconciling data, emailing clients, projects or future sales analysis - tell us what you need and we will help.

There is no complex formulae to know - you just explain your requirements and we go ahead and sort the problem - no fuss

Visual basic training, data cleansing, file de bugging - all sorted

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Data Modelling

We can assist you by cleansing and analysing you data , both internal and external, and presenting the information contained in a clear and concise manner.

From £75 per hour please call 07942 582736 or email

Financial Modelling

We can design bespoke financial or pricing models for your business. 

Pricing models allow your sales staff more time to concentrate on selling, whilst ensuring your business retains the control of profitability it requires.

Financial models can be used to evaluate different strategic courses and how these would impact your business financially.

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